Who is Sincerity for?
Today, Sincerity is only for U.S. consumers who:

1. Always pay their credit card, in full, every month.

2. Have a very credit score of at least 740.

3. Spend at least $500 per month on their credit card.

As Sincerity grows, we plan to expand who can use Sincerity..
Is the travel free?
There are a few fees which don’t make the process of earning free travel completely free:
1. Credit card fees.
Often times the credit cards with the best rewards involve a fee. The fee is usually an annual charge of $99 (which you will pay a max of one year). Sincerity takes into account the credit card annual fee when making recommendations.
2. Flight taxes.
Every airline makes you pay additional fees on top of the points you spend on a flight. If you fly domestically in the U.S. the fees will be $11.20. However, depending on where you go internationally, the fees can be much higher. Sincerity takes fees into account when making recommendations. For example, fees flying to London can reach as high as $240, so it doesn’t make sense to spend 22,000 points and then $240 in fees, in this case, we’ll likely recommend a different airline with a different point scheme.
3. Sincerity membership.
Sincerity will eventually charge an annual fee to use the service.
How does Sincerity make money?
Sincerity will eventually charge an annual fee to use the service.
What happens to my credit if I apply for a credit card?
A few things can happen.
1. Your credit score could take a temporary slight hit because multiple credit checks within a short period of time could indicate that you are slightly riskier. Another factor that makes up you credit score is your age of credit. If you open a new credit card, that will bring down the overall age of your credit.
2. In some cases, you credit score may increase because getting a new credit card decreases your overall credit utilization ratio. For example, if you only have one credit card today with a credit limit of $5,000 and you spend about $2,000 per month than you are using 40% of your credit, which looks a bit risky to banks. However, if you apply for a new credit card that has a limit of $5,000 and you continue to spend normally you will be using $2,000 of your now $10,000 credit limit, only 20%.