Save your money, travel for less.

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Optimize every step of the journey

Get points and miles

Get points and miles

We only recommend credit cards with bonuses that get you to your dream destination.

Prioritize the most effective action

Prioritize the most effective action

We value your time at $100 an hour, so we make sure that every action, alert, and email you get is valuable.

Optimize your travel

Optimize your travel

We find the best flight and hotel deals in points. If the deal is relevant to your travel goal, we push it right to your pocket.

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Focus on why you save

Sincerity optimizes the entire financial journey for those who want to travel the world.

Select where you want to go

Select from a menu of destinations around the world that you can travel to for nearly free. Not sure where you want to go yet? We can optimize for flexibility.

Automatically analyze and track your spending

Credit card companies offer bonuses if you spend a certain amount. We only recommend cards that have a spend requirement that is within your average spend.

Understand the why

For every recommendation Sincerity makes, the app outlines why this recommendation makes sense for you.


Sincerity holds your hand through the steps

  • Get to know you

    Get to know you

    Find out if Sincerity is right for you.

  • Select your destination

    Select your destination

    Select where you want to go from a diverse menu.

  • Apply


    Get the perfect credit card.

  • Track your progress

    Track your progress

    Track spending to make sure you earn the bonus.

  • Get points

    Get points

    Plan for when the points hit your account.

  • Maximize your points

    Maximize your points

    Get the best deals in the points you have.

Get to know you

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Do you live in Boston, New York City, or San Francisco?

Credit score

Credit score

Do you already have a 740 credit score or better?

Credit card debt

Credit card debt

Do you never carry a balance on your credit cards?


We've got answers

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